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Established in 2006, The Natural User Interface Group is an open source community that creates and shares interaction techniques & standards that benefit designers & developers throughout the world. We offer a collaborative environment for scientists that are interested in learning and developing modern Human/Computer Interaction methods and concepts. Our research includes topics such as: computer vision, touch computing, voice & gesture recognition, experience design and information visualization.

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2012 5/6

Project Description Student Mentor Links
Computational Photography A collection of advance computer vision filters and algorithms for use. Siddharth Kherada Pawel Solylga
CCV Multiplexer Implementation of virtual camera multiplexing into CCV 1.5. Pratik Sharma Amit Sarangi
CCV 2.0 Foundation development of the CCV 1.5 codebase moving towards separate cores. Scott Halstvedt Christian Moore
CCV 2.0 Feature porting of CV and UI systems into new foundation. Anatoly Lushnikov Jimbo Zhang
Open Source Infrared Frame An open source touch sensor providing board specs, app, firmware and driver. Alexandr Pirogov Taha Bintahir
Kivy GUI Builder Realtime GUI Editor built using the Kivy Framework (Fail) Pranav Rao Mathieu Virbel

2011 6/6

Project Description Student Mentor Links
CCV CUDA CUDA Tracking GPU implementation using Nvidia CUDA framework. Remaldeep Singh Mathieu Virbel
CCV Multiple Camera Brings true multi-camera support to CCV with calibration and stitching. Yishi Guo Anatoly Churikov
CCV wxWidgets Experimental CCV for WxWidgets and Modular architecture based on Movid. Jimbo Zhang Christian Moore
CCF Fusion A multimodal framework for task-oriented and object-oriented interfaces. Scott Halstvedt Christian Moore
MT4J Components Component Development and sharder support – implemented in Java and C++. Amit Sarangi Christopher Ruff
Kivy OS X Integration Seamless Mac OSX and iOS development and distribution of applications. Christopher Denter Pawel Solylga

2010 5/5

Project Description Student Mentor Links
CCA Audio Manages voice inputs, convert voice to text, and output network messages. Jimbo Zhang Mathieu Virbel
MT4J UI Extensions to the MT4J Framework providing generic, stylable components for UI. Michael Magin Christopher Ruff
CCW NUIML Markup + CCS – State and render management for MT user interfaces. Jake Pyne Christian Moore
PyMT Widgets New and Advanced Interaction Widgets: Text Controls. Christopher Denter Thomas Hansen
CCV Object Tracking User-Defined Blob Detection And Tracking in CCV. Amit Sarangi Christian Moore

2009 7/7

Project Description Student Mentor Links
Argos Interface Builder An openFrameworks toolkit for developing multi-touch musical interfaces. Dimitri Diakopoulos Seth Sandler
HCI Library for Java Component-Based HCI UI Framework and High-Level interaction scenarios. Ori Rawlings Christian Moore
X.Org TUIO Driver X.org multitouch driver for TUIO trackers. Ryan Huffman Martin Kaltenbrunner
Multitouch Google SketchUp Multitouch Extension Module coded in Ruby. Anirudh Sharma Pawel Solyga
NUI Paint Exploring and developing new multitouch interactions for graphics applications. Sharath Madhava Patali Sharath Patali
CCV Hands/Fingers Tracking Tracking fingers, hands and arms using a novel blob grouping algorithm. Thiago Araujo Laurence Muller
Gesture Modeling Creating Models for Learning and Recognizing Multitouch Gestures. Sashikanth Damaraju Stjepan Rajko

2008 6/7

Project Description Student Mentor Links
Physics Simulator Multi-touch based application for teaching of basic concepts of Physics. Stanislaw Zabramski Johannes Hirche
TUIO Simulator Cross Platform Socket Based TUIO testing utility. Ashish Rai Pawel Solyga
Gesture Manager A general purpose infrastructure for multitouch gesture recognition management. Alessandro De Nardi Mikael Bauer
GPU Blob Tracking Implementing video processing for blob tracking on the GPU. Thomas Hansen Mathieu Virbel
CCV (tbeta) First beta of CCV (computer vision software) cross platform solution. Seth Sandler Christian Moore
EHCI Enhanced human computer interface through webcam image processing library. Daniel Baggio Pawel Solyga


Opentouch An open source OSX MT tracking application. Pawel Solyga Archived
Touchlib An open source Windows MT Tracker and Demo Clients David Wallin/Christian Moore Archived

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